Denver Animal Surgery

All care in veterinary medicine is not equal – and that is never more true or more important than when your pet needs surgery.

Denver animal surgery and Denver emergency animal surgery

Downtown Animal Care Center is a full service Denver Animal Hospital, specialized in Denver animal surgery.

Whether it is a routine spay / neuter or a complicated orthopedic surgery, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands at Downtown Animal Care Center.

Our doctors and technicians work hard to make sure every aspect of our anesthetic, pain management, and surgical care is the best available today in veterinary medicine.

The doctors perform a wide variety of animal surgery including routine spay and neuter, soft tissue procedures like abdominal surgery and tumor removals, and difficult orthopedic corrections such as bone plating and TPLO knee surgery.

At Downtown Animal Care Center, we partner with Dr. Ed Umlauf to provide low cost orthopedic procedures, such as TPLO surgeries, to the Denver area. Trust that in cooperation with Dr. Ed Umlauf, Downtown Animal Care Center provides you and your pet with the lowest cost Denver orthopedic and TPLO services.

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Your pet deserves the best care possible.

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