Pot and your pet do not mix

Just because dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, that doesn’t mean that you should share your bud with your pup.

Since the legalization of marijuana in November, Downtown Animal Care Center has seen an increase in the number of marijuana related visits to the clinic, and with the start of recreational pot sales on January 1st we thought it was important to talk about the dangers of marijuana.

Marijuana poisoning is often a result of your dog inhaling marijuana smoke, eating foods made from cannabis (edibles) or simply eating the pot plant.  Sometimes, an irresponsible owner thinks it is funny to blow a little smoke in their pet’s face, not knowing the serious consequences.  Other times a dog may find their owners “stash” and eat it.

Signs of marijuana poisoning often include glassy-eyes, dilated pupils, and the more severe cases include vomiting, stumbling and agitation or excitement.  The most severe symptoms include increase heart rate, tremors, seizures and possibly death. The symptoms often appear within 30 – 60 minutes after ingestion. If you suspect that your dog has ingested any amount of marijuana, please seek attention right away.

Your veterinarian will recommend treatment based on the amount of marijuana that was ingested or how recent the ingestion was.  Treatment for marijuana poisoning can include charcoal to induce vomiting, IV fluids, anti-vomiting medication, and oxygen; and in severe cases your pet may need a ventilator/respirator to assist with breathing. Prompt veterinarian attention is critical to a positive outcome for your pet.

For more information on marijuana poisoning or if you have other concerns about your pet, please call Downtown Animal Care Center at (303) 595-3561 or send us an email at info@downtownanimalcarecenter.com to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. And remember that by keeping marijuana and all toxic substances out of the reach of your pet you can prevent a dangerous situation.