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Why has my veterinarian been so busy?

Why has my veterinarian been so busy?

You may notice your local vet has been very busy since the onset of COVID-19. Our vets in Denver explain the factors driving our busier schedule, how we're addressing these changes and what you can do to reduce stress and frustration.

Changes Due to COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most people's lives and routines have been upended, including in the area of veterinary care. From a drastic increase in pet adoptions to the safety precautions we take for each client, both clients and our team at Downtown Animal Care Center have seen many changes occur. In this post, we'll explore a few of the driving factors that have resulted in our office becoming busier - both from the client's point of view and our perspective. 

At Home

Many pet owners are seeking veterinary advice and treatment more often since the onset of the pandemic. This might be for a number of reasons, including:

    • A drastic increase in pet adoptions has resulted in an influx of patients.
    • More interaction between pets and owners, which can have both positive and negative consequences. While pet parents have more opportunities to notice health issues in their pets, the risk of accidental poisonings has also increased, as have injuries. Sensitive pets may also suffer from stress-induced issues.
    • Many owners are taking advantage of lockdowns and reduced activity to catch up on preventive care appointments for their pets that they had previously postponed.

At The Vet Office

Our vets in Denver have been dealing with numerous issues that impact how our animal clinic operates, including:

  • Mandated COVID-19 safety protocols and precautions are tasks added to our busy schedule. These protect the health and safety of our team, clients and pets. 
  • A large increase in phone time and less face-to-face interactions with clients. This means our call volume to schedule appointments, check in patients, process payments and refill prescriptions has significantly increased. 
  • We are often short-staffed due to illness and absences, childcare and school issues, and stress and exhaustion.

What Hasn't Changed & What You Can Do

Despite all of the factors above driving significant changes over the past two years, some things haven't changed. We will always be committed to providing high-quality veterinary care for you and your pet. 

That said, we need your help to ensure your pet's appointments run smoothly. Here are a couple of things you can do to make your experience a positive one:

  • Please allow ample time for refills and requests, as these resources have been inundated. 
  • Schedule non-emergency appointments and procedures well in advance to help ensure your pet receives the preventive care they need, when they need it.

Do you have questions about our COVID-19 policies and procedures that aren't addressed here? Contact our team at Downtown Animal Care Center today.

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